A Paradigm Shift

After listening in on an amazing teleconference on Thursday evening I felt a paradigm shift within me. The teleconference was given by Pathways about Mindful Motherhood. I don’t know all of the principles but they kept discussing grounding yourself and living within that moment. Not to worry about the things that are past or just happened- Not to worry about the future, immediate or pending- Just feel the now. I feel we, as beings living in this fast paced society, forget to do this. We are always worried about what is going on around us; never taking the time to actually enjoy it. This ‘grounding’ just made sense to me. There are moments that I get so caught up in life (cleaning/cooking/dishes) that I forget to take time to see my daughter. To actually see her. What is she learning while I do these dishes? How does she feel? How do I feel?

The diapers needed to be washed on Friday or A would be running around in the buff! DH was home in the afternoon so I washed and took them to the line. This whole time the ‘grounding’ discussion was on my mind. I kept thinking “how do I apply this in my life?” I stopped hanging the diapers and placed my feet firmly on the ground below me. I looked up to the sky. I breathed. I felt my feet rooting into the earth. I breathed and just…existed. This is where the shift occurred. It was only a few moments but the most powerful! Life changing!

It was after that moment I decided that I wanted to live in the now. I wanted to be here in all ways.

This past weekend I took a Telephone and FaceBook hiatus. Being unplugged sure does the body good! Our family had a wonderful weekend full of embracing life and each other. We enjoyed time at the beach, family grocery shopping, good food, a movie, and a walk to the soccer field! We had energy! It was as if being unplugged gave us more energy to do the things we wanted to do and not just wish we would have done them when Monday came.

I have to encourage everyone to try this- to plug in. Plug into the ground that is! Right now, STOP. Take a breath. Ground yourself and just exist.

I look forward to learning more about these principles and applying them to my life. If this one step can create a paradigm shift I am excited to see what the rest will bring!


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