Final Stage : Detox

On November 1 I gain access back to my Facebook page. There are times that I am feeling anxious by this – it feels like I may not be ready by then. I am truly enjoying being Facebook free but I feel disconnected in a way. All of my “friends” are on there…

To be absolutely sure that I am ready to go back on a social network site without fear of being sucked back into the whirl of likes and messages I will continue my hiatus through this weekends Detox. There is no better way to get down to the bare bones of life than through a cleansing detox. I am starting the detox on Friday, November 1st and will go through Monday morning. I am detoxing for health reasons and adding in an additional mental health break is ok by me!

I’ve been putting this detox off for weeks now simply because I was feeling intimidated by it but it’s so necessary to be able to move on from the rashes and hives and to re-start our healthy living lifestyle. I haven’t been able to write on here as I wanted to but for those that do not know when A was a few weeks old we found out she had an allergy to Dairy. We removed dairy from our bodies and some reactions continued. After a food allergy testing we found she was also intolerant to egg, gluten, and nuts. So, since March of this year we have been living an (mostly) allergy free lifestyle. A few weeks ago we re-tested and found that we had to add seeds to the list of intolerances. However, we are able to add back in egg, gluten, and lactose free dairy. Since she continues to rash on a daily basis we have decided a detox would be the best thing to do before adding these things back in to her diet. This has been much more of a journey than a few sentences and I hope to sit down and write about that soon but that’s the jist of why this detox is a necessary for health reasons. ((If any of you are wondering why I am detoxing when it’s not my intolerances it is because A is still nursing. Cleaning out my body will in turn clean out her body.))

***We had a great time enjoying the past few days of family time! We carved pumpkins, went on walks, and enjoyed a refreshing bike ride! Loving this cooler weather!



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