The beginning.

I recently started using my old phone (you know why if you follow me on Facebook) and today I began browsing through the photo file. After swooning over my babymoon and wiping away tears of joy I reflected on how far we have come with A’s rashes.




These pictures hurt my heart. I hated these weeks of extreme rashes!

I am so thankful today for all of the knowledge and support we received while trying to figure this out. We have a great team behind us and know that A will only continue to get better. Xoxo.


We see light!


A’s selfie is a little blurry but I wanted to share that her face rash is very faint! We are so excited!

This is progress!

Although we still haven’t had a regular (meaning softer) movement in a few days we are happy that she is at least not uncomfortable when making poo.

We have decided at this time we will hold off on the poop test for a little longer. They say that your skin is the first to show signs so we are just going to watch her skin for a few weeks. If she can start making regular poops we will be golden! 😉

She did enjoy about 2 oz of prune juice in Popsicle form and we expected the worst but nothing…nothing….that was on Sunday. I thought prunes were supposed to work!

So the plan right now is to continue the prune juice, broth, and probiotics. Watch her rash and hope for healing!

For comparison…this was on the 8th.


And today.


What a poopy day.

Had some issues today with constipation. After 2 days of bum squeezing and cries A finally pooped! I feel so sad for her poor little body. Her first poop was the size of a golf ball (no exaggeration) and very hard. Out of relief she gave me a long snuggle.


We went and saw the chiropractor today as well. Seeing him really helps get her body functioning again. She didn’t go at his office but she seemed more relaxed after the visit.

A indulged in some chocolate smooth move tea and probiotic laced mashed potatoes this evening. After dinner she took a warm bath with essential oils and went again in the tub. She cried so much 😦 this is very hard watching her cry in pain. All I could do was rub her tummy and give her hugs. We hope the tea will help later for her.

Until we can soften up her stool we have decided that we are going back to broth and purées. The chicken is in the oven now. I also made her prune Popsicles to enjoy!

We will be starting the poop test really soon! Just need a form filled out by the doctor then we are good to go!

Some positive notes:
A’s face rash has really improved in the last few days.
A has popped out 3 new chompers! 2 molars and one in the front

Poop Test…yay!

We have received A’s poop test!

Yay! Um…yay?!

What I mean is…I can not wait to get answers!

Here is a link to the test that we will be having done. After watching this video (which you can not view on an “I” device) I feel more confident on the testing. When the doctor told me it would test for intolerances or parasites I didn’t realize it would actually be a detailed testing.

Poop Test

It will still be at least a few weeks before we send the test in since it is expensive but it feels nice to have a possible solution to a lot of our questions.

Here is your evening dose of A! She is bathing with Daddy and got water on her face ❤



I wonder if there are any blogs out in the inter-webs that are dedicated to poop. If not, maybe I will have the first. I decided to start a journal for my research and findings with A’s digestive issues and rashes.

The last few weeks have been really hard, frustrating, and full of poop talk. A has been having more than usual flare ups on her face and going from diarrhea to constipation. A went 4 days with painful constipation…after trying prune juice, coconut oil, tummy massages, baths and oils we had to give a suppository. (I will never do that to her again! We cried together for half hour after) She was able to get relief. We went right to the chiropractor after as well. All during this bout of constipation her face was really rashed.

We then went almost another 4 days with no movements but at least she wasn’t in pain. Went to see our chiropractor and she released just after in his waiting room! Chiropractic care works!! Since then we have been giving her soft foods and prune juice. She seems to be able to work it out a little better now.

What I am finding is that her face can be completely clear of any rashes then she releases gas or poops and her face rashes. There is a direct link happening between her face rash and her digestion. I have been doing research lately and found this…


These diagrams are a form of Chinese Face Mapping that correlates rashes/acne to a function in the body. A rashes mostly around her mouth and up towards her eyes. This diagram shows those are associated with her digestive and immune systems. So interesting to me!

I told our chiropractor about this and he agrees with my findings. Now the question is WHY and WHAT is causing the digestive problems.

The other day we visited our AP for a “second opinion” and he ordered a stool test we have to do. We haven’t received the kit yet but I’m excited to research more into what it can tell us. He was saying it will be able to see if its a parasite or just intolerance type symptoms. Ill write more on that soon!

I also checked Dr. Google today while doing some research…I found a few things it COULD be.
1. Liver disease
2. Colon cancer
3. Parasites
4. Crohn’s disease
5. Gynecological disorder

I also learned : don’t trust Dr. Google. He’s a quack.

Our current plan of action is to keep watching for patterns and noting them. We also hope to take the fecal testing.

That’s enough talk about poop for one day!