What a poopy day.

Had some issues today with constipation. After 2 days of bum squeezing and cries A finally pooped! I feel so sad for her poor little body. Her first poop was the size of a golf ball (no exaggeration) and very hard. Out of relief she gave me a long snuggle.


We went and saw the chiropractor today as well. Seeing him really helps get her body functioning again. She didn’t go at his office but she seemed more relaxed after the visit.

A indulged in some chocolate smooth move tea and probiotic laced mashed potatoes this evening. After dinner she took a warm bath with essential oils and went again in the tub. She cried so much 😦 this is very hard watching her cry in pain. All I could do was rub her tummy and give her hugs. We hope the tea will help later for her.

Until we can soften up her stool we have decided that we are going back to broth and purées. The chicken is in the oven now. I also made her prune Popsicles to enjoy!

We will be starting the poop test really soon! Just need a form filled out by the doctor then we are good to go!

Some positive notes:
A’s face rash has really improved in the last few days.
A has popped out 3 new chompers! 2 molars and one in the front


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