Try, Try again.

It’s been a few days…making “poop” tea now to hopefully help move things along. Again.

We found one thing that causes a laxative effect :/

The other night I put some teething ointment on her gums. I twisted the cap back on and put it on the dresser. A found it and was chomping on it. This is pretty usual and I didn’t think anything of it. We laid down to watch the movie Frozen and she continued to chomp. After a little while she wanted to nurse and handed me the tube…it was empty! She got the cap off and sucked out all of the ointment! …brand new tube. Thankfully it was a homeopathic brand and we had nothing to worry about with concerns to poison.

Needless to say, the next day…  

**Graphic and kinda gross**It did make me consider something though. DH is always talking about her not having a bm and it compacting in there for a few days causing a hard and painful movement. However, after she ate the ointment and had a bm it was liquid. Question: Is she maybe just not creating poop on a regular basis or did the liquid find a way to squeeze out around the hard stools? It hard to visualize what is going on in there! Wonder if there are any courses on the digestive system out there that I can take?! Would sure help to have the knowledge!


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