It is just a rash.

Nothing more.

It is just a rash.


“It’s like planning your own research project – on yourself.”

It needs to be done.

A is breaking out after everything it seems. She has started spitting out her food and I can’t help but feel she knows what isn’t good for her.

This article makes an elimination diet seem easy. I can’t say I agree with fun but thinking about it as an experiment may help. Just have to commit to 6 weeks.

My biggest hangup is my morning latte. :-/ A bit selfish maybe.

Also, A still isn’t eating much on her own and I feel if I cut out the things she will eat she will starve 😦

But again, it needs to be done.


A had a topical reaction on her shoulder to DH’s toothpaste last night. I am hoping its the chemicals in his toothpaste that she reacted to and nothing more. She uses ( plays ) with mine while we are brushing with no reaction but mine is chemical free and all natural.

Another one to add to the list of unknowns.

Playing Games.

The past two days we have been playing the guessing game. A started having an allergy rash on Thursday morning and it just continues to get worse. Its currently all over her nose, lips, chin, around her eyes, and on her trunk front and back. She has been frumpy all day 😦

I know she’s not feeling discomfort but I feel so broken by these allergies. 



It is hard to capture pictures of a rash.