Finally good news!

The past week we have been on vacation in Pennsylvania! We had a fun time and got to spend some quality time with friends and family. Just wonderful!

A few days into vacation A began to squeeze her cheeks and feel very uncomfortable 😦 After calculating we realized she hasn’t had a bm or even attempted one in 5 days! We stopped at the store and picked up some kids magnesium sulfate tablets. As always, she refused. So we upped her coconut water intake, added more probiotics, and finally ‘tricked’ her into taking the tablet. We thought we weren’t successful because for another day she didn’t go. After a day of squeezing and lots of gas she finally started to let it pass. The first day was hard poos 😦 day 2 a little better and now she has had several soft stools! She is finally not afraid to go! This is huge for her!

Her sleep wasn’t disrupted last night. Her face rash is clearer, tummy isn’t extended, and she just seems over all relieved.

From here we will continue the extra probiotic, coconut water, and hope for smooth and comfortable poos!


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