Slow Moving

A has pooped every day since Friday! They are far from normal but the good thing is that she is trying to go. She continues to strain with every urge but once we help her into a squat she will go a little bit. The stool has been ranging from dime size to quarter size. This morning was the first larger stool since Friday. Yesterday she tried and got a little out 3 times. Her bottom must be feeling better!

A’s face rash is in full force the past few days. Not sure what’s going on there. She’s also sneezing so that might be an outdoor allergy. Found out she welts up when being bit by mosquitoes. She had marks the size of nickles that stayed for days! Such sensitive skin.

We have been going to the chiropractor every few days; we go again today. Doing this helps keep her body running efficiently so that it can do it’s job. That’s important.



Making progress!

I’m beginning to see the silver lining. It is so hard to see the positive in something when all you can think about is how the outcome didn’t meet your expectations. I have adjusted my expectations and am looking into the little milestones that we have been reaching.

I will admit that this week has been very tough on us. Trying to get A to take 20 oz of liquids is no easy task and we were failing each day with only getting about 10-12 oz (not counting breast milk). A has been on a 90% liquid diet and she is bored with what we are giving her.

Today, I have realized that WE ARE making progress! A had a fairly normal stool a little bit ago. She didn’t show signs of discomfort! The stool was on the softer side, mushy, and covered in goo! (Tmi, so what!) It was still in pellets but not compacted which is a huge positive! So far this week she has gone Monday, Wednesday, and today! That’s the most she has went on her own without a suppository since December!

Feeling like we are finally doing something right.

Small update

Nothing much to report…although A has been practically eating a liquid diet she is straining and squeezing when she has to go today. No bm since Monday morning.

…keeping on.

Evening update: A went. Large, hard, and dry. I am so frustrated. I thought that by now with her being on an almost all liquid diet that things would be working a little better. I don’t understand. She has to be hydrated, she is peeing every 15 minutes and its clear. Ugh. Sigh.


Dehydration was diagnosed today with our visit to the chiropractor.

Notes from appointment:

-note how many fluid oz she is consuming a day
-give good fats and oils
-add straight coconut oil for lubrication in intestines
-alternate probiotics weekly (current probiotic saccharomyces)
-back on weekly adjustments

Still no bm since Wednesday. She has tried yesterday with no success. Will be giving suppository today. Once the suppository is cleared out we will go ahead with the poop test we talked about in prior posts.

“You may be disappointed if you fail…

…but you are doomed if you don’t try.”

We have made some diet changes in the household. I have removed soy from my diet and we are following GAPS the best we can with what we currently have the in the house as food.

A is on day two of gaps legal foods, purees, and liquids. She has taken an Epsom salt bath two nights in a row (drank some of the bath water as usual!) and is taking some magnesium sulfate in her water. We increased her probiotic and coconut oil intake.

I admit, after 2 days of this I was expecting a nice soft stool or even diarrhea. But…nothing.

It is nap time now and she can’t sleep because she has to poop. She is squeezing her cheeks 😦 I understand she is scared. I didn’t yet share this but we noticed on Wednesday evening during a large stool that she has a very large tear. I feel like I didn’t share because I felt like it was all my fault. The guilt has been eating at me for two days now. 😦  So here starts the cycle of she has to go but won’t…so it will begin to back up and get bigger and worse. We plan a suppository tomorrow. I would rather do it now but I need help and dh has already left for work.

We will keep trying things until we find something that works and keeps her comfortable.


I keep searching for someone (or something) to tell me what to do.

I feel our current options are:

A. See a GI specialist
  – my thoughts: I am not sure what a GI doctor will tell us besides run expensive and inconclusive tests. I worry she will be placed on a medication that will possibly soften her stool but if the root problem isn’t addressed then she will be on meds…forever. I do feel a professional opinion may help set our minds at ease though.

B. Commit to our family following GAPS
  – my thoughts: this is hard. A and I already have so many food restrictions that the idea of restricting more is frustrating. I feel stuck in a hard place that I don’t want to do the diet but I also don’t want to wean her. I do feel this IS the solution though. Healing the gut is one of the most important things we can do with/for her.

C. Wean A from breast milk and have her follow GAPS.
  – my thoughts: see above. Pretty much the same.

D. Nothing and give suppository every few days.
  -my thoughts: suppositories suck. They hurt A and they hurt me for having to do it. Her bum is already sore from the large stools and have fissures this just doesn’t help.

I read a study yesterday that linked gluten and casein (milk protein) to chronic constipation. Once the children had these removed from their diets their constipation ceased. Added back, returned. Stool softeners, laxatives, and medication did not help these children. They had to resort to enemas every few days. This, a suggestion from a friend, and reading the GAPS book really has me feeling certain it is a food she is consuming. We are already GFCF (gluten free casein free) but we do consume soy and corn on a regular basis. Just because it may not be linked to gluten or casein doesn’t mean it’s not an intolerance that is binding her up…

We have some hard decisions to make as a family this week.

Poor A.

We did it. Today we did another suppository 😦  Just awful.

This time I had a better understanding of sphincter law (thanks to Ina May) and thought it would be better. It wasn’t. She cried for a while and didn’t want me near her.

After about a half hour she was able to release…a lot…smelly…foul…stuff. She’s now napping tucked under my arm, safe and comfy.


The continued poop tea, coconut water, probiotics just wasn’t working. She is in so much pain and what looks like fear when her body needs to have a movement. As always, we don’t know how to help. For now…this was the best thing for her.