Can’t sleep

“Momma, I can’t sleep when I have to poop”


This happens just about every day at nap time. We lay down for nap and A peacefully nurses and is just about to drift off into napland when UP she pops! She climbs off the bed and runs around the room for several minutes…

…when she is done running, grunting, and pushing she comes back into bed and signs toilet for me to change her now soiled bottom.

A has had her face rash for a few days now. Struggling to go again and no signs of relief. I gave her a pedialax pill 2 days ago and she has been drinking lots of coconut water but it’s still not working. We have been adding broth back into her diet as well to try to start healing her gut again.

She went back to not really being interested in food. Unless it’s one of her favorites like pizza or fries :-/  She does regularly eat her green veggies though! Weird.

Still frustrated but working and reaching for a break.

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