I keep searching for someone (or something) to tell me what to do.

I feel our current options are:

A. See a GI specialist
  – my thoughts: I am not sure what a GI doctor will tell us besides run expensive and inconclusive tests. I worry she will be placed on a medication that will possibly soften her stool but if the root problem isn’t addressed then she will be on meds…forever. I do feel a professional opinion may help set our minds at ease though.

B. Commit to our family following GAPS
  – my thoughts: this is hard. A and I already have so many food restrictions that the idea of restricting more is frustrating. I feel stuck in a hard place that I don’t want to do the diet but I also don’t want to wean her. I do feel this IS the solution though. Healing the gut is one of the most important things we can do with/for her.

C. Wean A from breast milk and have her follow GAPS.
  – my thoughts: see above. Pretty much the same.

D. Nothing and give suppository every few days.
  -my thoughts: suppositories suck. They hurt A and they hurt me for having to do it. Her bum is already sore from the large stools and have fissures this just doesn’t help.

I read a study yesterday that linked gluten and casein (milk protein) to chronic constipation. Once the children had these removed from their diets their constipation ceased. Added back, returned. Stool softeners, laxatives, and medication did not help these children. They had to resort to enemas every few days. This, a suggestion from a friend, and reading the GAPS book really has me feeling certain it is a food she is consuming. We are already GFCF (gluten free casein free) but we do consume soy and corn on a regular basis. Just because it may not be linked to gluten or casein doesn’t mean it’s not an intolerance that is binding her up…

We have some hard decisions to make as a family this week.


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