“You may be disappointed if you fail…

…but you are doomed if you don’t try.”

We have made some diet changes in the household. I have removed soy from my diet and we are following GAPS the best we can with what we currently have the in the house as food.

A is on day two of gaps legal foods, purees, and liquids. She has taken an Epsom salt bath two nights in a row (drank some of the bath water as usual!) and is taking some magnesium sulfate in her water. We increased her probiotic and coconut oil intake.

I admit, after 2 days of this I was expecting a nice soft stool or even diarrhea. But…nothing.

It is nap time now and she can’t sleep because she has to poop. She is squeezing her cheeks 😦 I understand she is scared. I didn’t yet share this but we noticed on Wednesday evening during a large stool that she has a very large tear. I feel like I didn’t share because I felt like it was all my fault. The guilt has been eating at me for two days now. 😦  So here starts the cycle of she has to go but won’t…so it will begin to back up and get bigger and worse. We plan a suppository tomorrow. I would rather do it now but I need help and dh has already left for work.

We will keep trying things until we find something that works and keeps her comfortable.


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