Making progress!

I’m beginning to see the silver lining. It is so hard to see the positive in something when all you can think about is how the outcome didn’t meet your expectations. I have adjusted my expectations and am looking into the little milestones that we have been reaching.

I will admit that this week has been very tough on us. Trying to get A to take 20 oz of liquids is no easy task and we were failing each day with only getting about 10-12 oz (not counting breast milk). A has been on a 90% liquid diet and she is bored with what we are giving her.

Today, I have realized that WE ARE making progress! A had a fairly normal stool a little bit ago. She didn’t show signs of discomfort! The stool was on the softer side, mushy, and covered in goo! (Tmi, so what!) It was still in pellets but not compacted which is a huge positive! So far this week she has gone Monday, Wednesday, and today! That’s the most she has went on her own without a suppository since December!

Feeling like we are finally doing something right.


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