Slow Moving

A has pooped every day since Friday! They are far from normal but the good thing is that she is trying to go. She continues to strain with every urge but once we help her into a squat she will go a little bit. The stool has been ranging from dime size to quarter size. This morning was the first larger stool since Friday. Yesterday she tried and got a little out 3 times. Her bottom must be feeling better!

A’s face rash is in full force the past few days. Not sure what’s going on there. She’s also sneezing so that might be an outdoor allergy. Found out she welts up when being bit by mosquitoes. She had marks the size of nickles that stayed for days! Such sensitive skin.

We have been going to the chiropractor every few days; we go again today. Doing this helps keep her body running efficiently so that it can do it’s job. That’s important.



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