Then there was this…




At least she got a large poop out about an hour ago!

I must commit!!



Since starting the Gaps Intro Diet (our modified version) with A this last week she has been having some die off effects. See my last post for explanation. Along with her die off effects her tactile sensory system is on overdrive.

You may wonder what this means, this means she is overly sensitive. She normally has a hypersensitivity where she reacts negatively to light touches, having her hair played with or washed, avoiding “messy” stuff like paints and mud, and not a fan of clothes. With her system in overdrive she really doesn’t want anyone or anything touching her at all, this includes washing, holding hands, pants changes, clothes, dirt, bugs…nothing. Unless she asks to be touched then she doesn’t like it and will let you know.

Well, this is what prompted this post. A and I were out for a walk the other night and a few neighbor kids that are 8 wanted to play with A. She happily stood there and laughed with them at their silliness but immediately got upset when the little boy wanted to give her a hug. When she pulled away he said she was “weird and a bad baby”. I explained to him that she doesn’t like to be touched. He kept trying to touch her and engage her after that. By this point she was getting really upset so we decided to move on with our walk. One of the little girls asked me if she acted this way because she was autistic.

I responded no, she is not. However, I was in shock. While I understand the children are only 8 years old I just didn’t understand where the question came from.

Until, I realized how she was reacting to the touches from the boy. I can see how someone on the outside can think that may be a possibility. So I researched some great articles and ways to explain how she is feeling in case another child (or adult) has that response so that I may answer and not fall into shock.

This article is the one that spoke to me the most! It really explains how A is feeling and WHY she is feeling that way. Please take a moment to read through it. It really is important that A’s friends and family understand this about her most especially during this difficult time of healing.

Not only is the Intro diet healing her gut but it’s also releasing toxins. This is one of her ways that her body gets rid of the toxins. A regularly see the chiropractor and he is doing a wonderful job at working with A and her sensory system. At her last assessment we even got “homework” to help develop this system. We have seen improvements and know that once her gut is sealed she will make amazing progress!

Die off effects

A has been on a slightly modified version of Gaps Intro where she is taking in broth, boiled chicken (homemade meatballs), boiled broccoli, cauliflower and a few added full gaps “legal” foods. When going through intro your body is purged of all of the bad toxins and foods in the body that don’t agree. This results in Die off effects. Die off effects can be anything from a physical to emotional reactions. A is having a few now that she has been on the intro for the past 3 days. Her face is splotchy and broken out, her chest has a breakout, she’s acting lazy, and she is melting at everything. This is very hard to work through and I hope it passes quickly.


I have checked the tracking and the poop test has made it to its destination! Now, we wait for the doctors call when the results come in!

The good thing is A has been pooping! She had a semi normal larger poo yesterday! Very smelly but progress! 😉

Still pushing through!

Who knew…

That I would be mailing a box full of poop overnight for testing! Quite gross.

Feeling so relieved that A finally pooped enough to be used as her third day sample. This sample required a big one so it could fill 3 vials! The past few days she has only been passing dime size. Frustrating for both her and us, to say the least.

After the package is picked up tomorrow the wait then begins… It’s one nerve racking step after another right now!

We can’t not wait to have some answers…anything!


Started the poop test that I shared awhile back…

Since we don’t yet have insurance we are going to go ahead with this before seeing the GI doctor. Feels like one of our last natural options.


Not good

The past few days have been no good 😦 No poop, butt squeezing, and rashes! She has a rash on her bottom that kinda looks like yeast but I’m not sure since we started using a new coconut and oil mixture so it might just be a reaction from that. She won’t let me even wipe her 😦 She also has rashes on her face, chest, and back today.

She has been eating very clean (except for the treat of grain free cupcake on Saturday) and is taking her supplements and broth. I just don’t understand.

I still want to get down to the full Gaps intro diet but I’m feeling overwhelmed by it and I don’t know if I can handle things getting worse. They say it gets worse before getting better with die off effects and such.

Feeling lost yet again today. I just want my poor baby to poop!