Not good

The past few days have been no good 😦 No poop, butt squeezing, and rashes! She has a rash on her bottom that kinda looks like yeast but I’m not sure since we started using a new coconut and oil mixture so it might just be a reaction from that. She won’t let me even wipe her 😦 She also has rashes on her face, chest, and back today.

She has been eating very clean (except for the treat of grain free cupcake on Saturday) and is taking her supplements and broth. I just don’t understand.

I still want to get down to the full Gaps intro diet but I’m feeling overwhelmed by it and I don’t know if I can handle things getting worse. They say it gets worse before getting better with die off effects and such.

Feeling lost yet again today. I just want my poor baby to poop!


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