Die off effects

A has been on a slightly modified version of Gaps Intro where she is taking in broth, boiled chicken (homemade meatballs), boiled broccoli, cauliflower and a few added full gaps “legal” foods. When going through intro your body is purged of all of the bad toxins and foods in the body that don’t agree. This results in Die off effects. Die off effects can be anything from a physical to emotional reactions. A is having a few now that she has been on the intro for the past 3 days. Her face is splotchy and broken out, her chest has a breakout, she’s acting lazy, and she is melting at everything. This is very hard to work through and I hope it passes quickly.


I have checked the tracking and the poop test has made it to its destination! Now, we wait for the doctors call when the results come in!

The good thing is A has been pooping! She had a semi normal larger poo yesterday! Very smelly but progress! 😉

Still pushing through!


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