Not updating…

I haven’t been able to update since before vacation with all that has been going on personally. Right now, A is quite constipated and has rashes and emotional break downs all the time 😦 It’s rough.

We MUST commit to this gaps diet to at least see if it will help.

I will update again soon but as of right now all is the same and nothing to report.


Real Poop Results

Okay, finally got to let this all seep into my brain and I’m ready to try to share what we found out.

Clarity on the details I posted last by Doctor:

Elevated markers of Eosinophil Protein X (should be less than 7.0: hers is 6.2): Very high but fine and shows that at least 1 pancreatic enzyme is working well. He would like to see it brought down and the way to do this is by reducing foods she is allergic to. He suggests cycling foods in and out/elimination diet.

       Our thoughts: We are tired of playing food guessing games. We have decided to take A for ‘formal’ allergy testing. To us this means either the scratch test or a blood test. We will research more on that and decide. For now, we are still waiting on insurance…

She has an excess of BAD bacteria in her gut. We need to kill off that bacteria and then start to repopulate with good bacteria. To kill off the bad she needs to take Uva Ursi, aka Bearberry (aka BearShit – to my taste buds DH said its sweet and tart…um, no.) Then to repopulate we will again give her the probiotics.

He will get back to us on Highly Elevated markers of Lithocholic: Deoxycholic acid ratio (LCA: DCA): (Elevated is >2.07: hers is 2.79). He needed to do a little research on his end. He kept saying it wasn’t a concern but I didn’t feel at ease with that.

That is pretty much the jist of it. He said if she isn’t have a bowel movement regularly within a week or so to bring her in for acupuncture. I admit, I’m still a little skeptical about that on her but it’s a possibility.

For now we continue chiropractic care, stay hydrated, give this medicine, and eat non-allergenic foods. Simplicity is so deceiving.

Today does bring news of poop though! Yay!




I am not a Doctor

but boy do I know A LOT about poop! Thanks to the help of Doctor Google and Doctor Wikipedia I was able to put these into terms I can comprehend!

We FINALLY got A’s results back from the poop test…I am an anxious mess and could not wait until tomorrow so I looked up what the markers that were out the normal range were for. Tomorrow we get the official Doctor review of the notes so I’ll share them then.

First, the easy stuff:

No parasites!!!

Can not take antibiotics: ampicillin, amoxicillin, and cephalothin : Can not take because it can do more harm than good for her gut. She may have several others.

Some details:

Elevated markers of Eosinophil Protein X (should be less than 7.0: hers is 6.2) This means there is Inflammation and/or tissue damage in the GI tract. This can be due to food allergy, protein sensitive enteropathy (like gluten intolerance), helminthic (parasite-ruled out) infection, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, allergic colitis (milk protein allergy), or gastroesophageal reflux (GERD).

NO GROWTH of the beneficial bacteria Lactobacilli. This means there is an increased susceptibility to pathogenic bacterial infection, increased toxic enzyme exposure, increased risk for mucosal barrier defects and immune dysregulation (dysfunction).

Highly Elevated markers of Lithocholic: Deoxycholic acid ratio (LCA: DCA): (Elevated is >2.07: hers is 2.79)  Some reason this one concerns me the most…well so does the damage to the GI tract 😦   This means inhibition of glutathione-s-transfer se with subsequent recirculation of procarcinogens. (something about detoxing) Associated with increased risk of breast and colorectal (colon) cancer. Small bowel bacteria overgrowth, cholelithiasis (gallstones) and cholecystectomy (removal of gallbladder).

So, there it is. Still super overwhelmed and I don’t know what will be suggested by the Doctor next but only tomorrow will bring that news! Now, we wait…again.

I don’t think I’ll have an inner lip or fingernails by tomorrow!