It’s time. We have to confirm that A does indeed react to apple. Clear face before given apple and red rash after apple. This is not the first time we have suspected apple. This apple was organic and peeled :-/ Other than face rash it doesn’t hurt her though so we probably won’t remove it from her diet just yet. She has a reaction similar to sesame and other seeds (without the burning) where it is topical only.10583026_883756538318478_2455495179734493204_o


New Career??

There has to be something out there that I can use this wealth of knowledge from my research of poop problems, skin rashes, and diets…

Day 3 of being soy free. A is pooping but I can not relate it directly to no soy intake because on Sunday we gave her a poop pill and apparently the bottle wasn’t closed tightly and she took another! She had several dark and mushy poops since then. Even 2 yesterday! None yet today.

I am fairly convinced that her face rash IS in direct relation to her constipation. Toxins finding their way to escape the body. The last 2 days her face has been clear. Very clear. I notice she has sensitive skin (which we are aware of) because when I nursed her while sitting in the hot car and she finished around her mouth had a typical heat rash. This rash is different from her constipation and/or allergy face rash in that it comes quickly and leaves once she cools. It also has white head types and her allergy rash remains red and constant. This helps clear up when people tell me it’s just a heat rash. (I hate that btw…I hate even more the recent one I heard “does your daughter have hand/foot/mouth disease?” ugh…Really?!)

We are still waiting for our insurance paperwork to come in. It’s supposed to begin 8/1 and I hope it does and we don’t have problems. I called dh’s HR department today but had to leave a voice mail. When I called the insurance directly they didn’t have his information! Frustrating. I don’t want to push her GI appointment back at all. Even if she is pooping regularly we are still going to make sure she is all ok inside.

Here is a picture from the beauty today! We played at CMON museum all day!


Experiment #2

This mornings coffee was the last day for 2 weeks that we will have soy. I found an amazing alternative from So Delicious! It’s French Vanilla Coconut Milk Creamer! Yum!

I’ll update on that as we go through it.

A is still struggling to poop. Went 4 days and had to take laxatives to help her yesterday and today 😦

Her GI appt is on the 7th…very nervous about that.

Current theory

A and I went through an 11 day gaps diet that we now are calling a “detox” period. Our theory is this 11 day detox helped kill the bad bacteria living in her gut and gave us an opportunity to repopulate with good bacteria. Last Thursday we began her probiotic at full dose and to our surprise she has been having a bm on her own every other day since then! No struggles, no pain! Are we on to something?! Maybe!

Call us quitters, we don’t mind.

We have decided to quit the diet GAPS and go back to a whole foods diet. This morning I quit all of the groups on Facebook and will put my book in the closet. I am FINISHED stressing over this diet. I appreciate all of the healing that we had so far and learned a lot that we will continue and incorporate into our daily lives. We are considering it as a healthy 10 day detox we accomplished and are now ready to add in more foods. 🙂