wow. wow. wow!

This is what A has been saying every time she poops lately!


Since my last (non) update on Sunday we have dived right into gaps stage 1 intro. This means that our family has been eating meat broth, boiled meats, and select boiled veggies since Monday at breakfast.


Since A has given a poop every day since Monday we decided to try and add eggs into her diet. Eggs are very easy to digest and is actually compared to breast milk in that the body quickly and easily breaks it down for digestion. We started this morning with a 1/8 tsp drop in her breakfast broth. She ate it all! (You may already Be thinking “why, if she is allergic to it?” We have gone back and forth on this together as well but I guess we are considering this a challenge. In the past with an egg her torso got inflamed with a breakout. We feel since its just a rash why not give it a try.) We are following the book guidelines for Adding new foods and the order in which to introduce.


So far after having the egg around 8 this morning her torso has not reacted. However, her face has some. The problem Here is…is it from the egg or from the huge poop she had about an hour ago?! She always has a face flare up with poops!




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