A new direction

After a 7 day bout of no poops (aka constipation) from A we have decided to change our direction to more medical approach. DH has finally agreed to turn in the insurance paperwork and we will be covered as of August 1st! That first week in August we have an appointment with the Tummy Doctors to go over A’s issues and talk about remedies. It was refreshing to talk to the nurse on the phone and hear her mention that the first step they usually take is looking at the diet and health of the gut! We are already on that path with the GAPS diet. Today was day 10. Although A is eating very well on the diet and really progressing with adding in eggs and kraut juice her stools remain the same…non existent. The only way we got her to go after 7 days was 2 days of laxatives. A suppository was unsuccessful and no way would she let me set up an enema. It is just awful to see her wiggle in pain, whimper in the middle of the night, not sleep, and be very emotional during the day. She’s unhappy when it goes past 2-3 days. 7 days was torture for us all. Now that we got that out she is starting the cycle all over again and is now on day 2…

I understand diet changes are going to help work things out but I am not finding it as a cure all like the gaps diet claims. (I know it takes time…we used 2 years already with no answers and are ready for something!) We now feel that we need someone to check her out and just make sure she is healthy and it’s not some underlying problem. Today in one of my Facebook groups a member said “The test did nothing for me but I was happy to see healthy pink insides.” That’s all we really want to know…if her insides are healthy and functioning. Isn’t that what any parent wants?




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