GI Appointment

Today arrived…the day we have been waiting for for some time now.

I am feeling disappointed.

We had to pay a deductible of $225 which was unexpected. The appointment lasted all of 15 minutes and ended with a script for Miralax.

We tried to explain to the Doctor how we are already increasing fiber, great diet, and all of the more natural things we have tried. She didn’t hear us though. She kept circling back to taking a laxative. I am not opposed to laxatives as A has taken a few when she has went way to many days but Dr. wants A to take Miralax for 3 months daily! (Miralax: A drug for adults 17 and over for occasional constipation. Not to be used over 7 days) This is the ONE THING I DO NOT WANT HER ON! I have read such toxic information about Miralax and I wouldn’t use it in my own body. No way will I give it to my toddler.

I went in prepared with all of her diet notes, supplements, rash pictures, poop test results and each time we told her we got this stuff she kinda brushed us off. Which leads me to think I had my expectations way to high.

The Dr. checked her breathing and felt her tummy and that was all. She didn’t look at her rashes or really try to get an understanding of how she is feeling. She called this a typical case that she sees in her office about 35% of the time. Diagnosis was given in the first 3 minutes: Functional Constipation. She said this is where the body gets used to being constipated so the colon stretches to fit the compacted feces. After the body releases it may take longer to fill up that area so the constipation begins over. Vicious cycle. The goal is to get her to have regular smaller bowel movements so the colon goes back to normal size. (one thing we agreed on!) Her solution to this was…Miralax. Ugh.

Oh, she did say rashes and constipation do not go together…so, what does this mean?

I think I began to block her out after she stopped listening to what I had to say.

Along with the script we decided to get the order for some further testing. The further testing will be a blood draw and consist of checking thyroid, Food Allergy Panel, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Basic Metabolic Panel (Calcium, Creatinine, Glucose), Complete Blood Count, and Celiac. We can get this done at our own time. DH and I still need to discuss this more before we decided to poke her.

**This blog post may not make complete sense…writing out of frustration and just wanting to get it down**

***I am still looking for the silver lining of today’s appointment…there has to be something positive that the Dr. said that I can take with me and apply…right?!***


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