Allergic Reaction

I am still trying to wrap my mind around what happened today but I wanted to share for anyone wondering how A is doing.

This afternoon A started getting her typical allergy face rash. After a few minutes it started spreading up onto her forehead and red dots began to show up on her back and chest. I realized then this wasn’t one of her typical allergy reactions. Welts/hives started showing up all over her body. They were on her face, neck, head, trunk, arms, vagina, butt, and tops of her legs. Her ears were really red and hot to touch and she was rubbing her eyes a lot. After talking to a good friend (who I can’t thank enough for her support today!) we headed to the ER.


After some routine hospital stuff we went back to see the Doctor and he gave her a dose of steroid, benedryl, and prelone (a separate steroid that acts as a histamine blocker) quickly after the steroid her face began to get better.



(Before medicines)

Even with all of the fuss in the hospital she remained calm (besides the ankle bracelet they put on her…she hated it!) And everyone praised how well she was. She made the nurses laugh and was playing around in no time!


Came home, napped, and now her body is almost clear. Some spots still remain on her trunk and there is a red mark around where she got red ant bites.

Something the doctor said stuck with us “the steroid will clear her rash and the last area to clear is usually the source”.

If we take that literally then the reaction was caused by red ant bites 😦

Today was very very scary. We love this little critter so much and it was very hard to see her like this. We will be taking the next few days to relax and enjoy our little family together.

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