Cliff Notes on Face Rash

I have contacted a ibclc (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) about our breastfeeding relationship and how it may or may not be attributing to A’s continued face rash. She asked me for cliff notes of things we have tried and if they worked/didn’t work.

Here are my 2 year long cliff notes:

8/21/2012: 2 weeks young: Acne type rash on forehead and cheeks

8/24/2012: Mastitis with an antibiotic script

8/25/2012: Angry red and inflamed all over face and head

8/26/2012: Began dairy free

9/16/2012: Angry red pimple rash on back and head from pizza (dairy) I ate on 9/15

9/22/2012: Chest and Face rash from pastry (dairy) on 9/21

3/3/2013: Suspect egg allergy, Back and chest rashes after consumption

3/29/2013: Muscle testing confirmed intolerance to: Dairy, Egg, Nut, Gluten, V Veg.

3/30/2013: Went Gluten and Egg Free

5/18/2013: Began chiropractic care

10/12/2013: 2nd muscle testing confirmed negative to egg, gluten, and lactose free milk  Positive to Lactose milk, nut and seed families. Sesame, pumpkin, Sunflower

11/18/2013: Tested eggs in diet: rash on back, chest, arms : Removed eggs again

12/13/2013: Mid December Constipation began with face rash. No bm’s for 5-7 days at a time.

1/16/2014: Began broths/purees. Version of Gaps. Added Probiotics.

1/21/2014: Having semi regular bm

3/5/2014: Starting giving laxatives and Epsom Salts

3/10/2014: Notice and documented face rash gets better when having semi-regular bm

3/18/2014: Allergic reaction/burns from anise seed

3/24/2014: Suspect dehydration so increased water intake with coconut water

4/18/2014: Modified GAPS intro and removed soy (for 1 week) No change with soy so added it back

4/29/2014: BM for 5 days straight. Debunked constipation/rash theory. Face rash is in full force. Upped chiro care to few times a week

5/15/2014: Still on gaps. Rash on face, chest, back, and bottom. Die off? (never confirmed)

5/31/2014: Rash face, chest, arms: No new foods still on gaps

6/4/2014: Poop test results: No parasites, no yeast, excess of bad bacteria in gut. Began uva ursi to kill off bad bacteria

7/2/2014: REAL gaps intro. Only broth/veg. BM Every day for 5 days. Added egg and got up to 1/2 egg yolk before a reaction

7/11/2014: Quit gaps intro: Chalked it up to 10 day detox

7/16/2014: Repopulating Probiotics-good gut bacteria

7/24/2014: Experiment #1: No soap for 5 days=still has face rash

7/27/2014: Experiment #2: No soy. 3 days in with bm’s and clear face. Diagnosed sensitive skin. Nursed in car=face broke out but cleared quickly

6/16/2014: GI APPT: Diagnosed as functional constipation. Said no link from constipation to face rash

8/9/2014: Before nap: Face Flare….After nap: Face clear!

8/13/2014: High doses of flax intake=diarrhea

8/16/2014: Clear Face

8/17/2014: CLear Face

8/18/2014: BM Regular 8/10 days, flax, digesten eo with c/o on tummy. I started washing with her soap, 21 days no soy

8/23/2014: ANA reaction to red ant bite on butt

9/7/2014: 8/10 days regular bm with face rash

Other things we tried:

Eucerin topical eczema face lotion. Made it worse.

Breastmilk on rash: does nothing

Coconut oil on rash: does nothing

Steroid (Prednisolone : generic for Prelone) taken 3 days after reaction of ant bite. Face completely clear during those 3 days. Allergy shiners gone. Very active.

Vacations away from animals: does nothing

Benedryl: does nothing for rash

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