Duck Duck Duck….

Great news! We are on day 3 of introducing duck eggs to A and she is eating them like a champ with no skin reactions! Yay!!! Today I am baking a pumpkin pie with them to test the baked version as well. This makes me so happy! It opens up so many more menu items!

Few other updates: A is getting over a mild bout of the Chicken Pox. She had about 15 spots with spurts of fevers but overall it went by quickly and without much sickness.

A is pooping! I downloaded a poop app on my phone and according to it she has went 6/7 days in a row! One day she even went twice!

Face rash is come and go this week. She is taking her supplements but we just can’t tell if it’s just coincidence or if it’s helping… Going to keep it up though!

Still moving along on the right track!


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