I just whizzed through a book in 2 days that I NEED to share with all of you! It was so fascinating to me!

What’s eating your child? The hidden connections between Food and Childhood Ailments: Anxiety, Recurrent Ear Infections, Stomachaches, Picky Eating, Rashes, ADHD, and more. And what every Parent Can do about it. By Kelly Dorfman

For those that don’t know A is 2 and has several food intolerance’s and allergies, had chronic constipation since December, Face and Body Rashes that seem to come and go out of no where, Sensory Issues, and can be emotional. Our family is big advocates of diet and nutrition and how it helps the body function. (just look at our blog of food/diet experiments!) Last week I was randomly picking books to my hold list at the library and this one was added since we recently started adding in more nutrient supplements to her diet. This book is a must read for anyone dealing with any of those issues! It talks about how elimination of particular foods then adding in necessary nutrients can help these types of ‘cases’. Some of the chapters that helps our ‘case’ in particular are:
Becoming a Nutrition Detective
The Conundrum of Picky Eating
A Girl Whose Tummy Always Hurt
The Little Colon That Couldn’t
The Overly Sensitive Child

It seriously spoke to me! I haven’t been this excited about a book since reading GAPS. Now I want to add licensed nutrition dietitian to my goals. Someday my title will read Cynthia Butler, CLC, Doula, L.N.D, P.S. (aka : Poop Specialist)



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