Happy and Healthier!

What an awesome week!

This week A had her first slumber party with her best friend! Watched the sunset and went for a moon light night walk on the beach. She went day camping and enjoyed Mountain Pies and Banana Boats! The most awesome of all is that she pooped on every one of those days!!!


(I love this app!)

I can’t really pinpoint what is going right but something is! I have cut out a lot of my gluten intake so I’m sure that is helping. We are still soy free except for the small amounts that sneak in…like in the new olive oil spray we got 😦 dumb!

A has started eating a lot more than she has in the past. Trying new things and just eating more in quantity than before. It’s nice to see her enjoy foods instead of turning them away because her tummy hurts.

We do still have the face rash and there are some days that are worse than others and I just can’t put my finger on a starting point to figure out what that is.  She also has been having excess ear wax and cradle cap but I am sure that is from the gluten. Once that is out of her system I know that will clear up because it has happened in the past.

Good things are happening! We are happy and proud of her accomplishments! We love her so much and only want her to be happy and healthy ❤