Paleo Coffee Creamer

Whole 30 creamer!

This is the creamer I made this morning for my coffee. Coming from So Delicious French Vanilla Coconut Creamer this isn’t ‘heavenly’ but it is satisfying!

Edit: 4 days in and I finally figured out a trick! Strain strain strain all the chunks out! The creamer gave some froth and it was much sweeter!

Last night I soaked 2 cups of dates overnight in 2 cups water. Pureed this morning and then strained. So sweet! When I felt I needed my coffee sweeter I added a tbsp! Much better!


salixisme - AIP Living

I may have mentioned it before – C is addicted to coffee.  But she likes it sweet and milky.

We tried adding butter and coconut oil as an alternative as seen in this post on Bulletproof Coffee but she didn’t like it.  We then tried adding an egg based on this post from Marks Daily Apple.  Again, she did not like the taste even with sugar added.

So I came up with a paleo, sugar-free version of a coffee creamer for her to use as I was not happy with all the sugar that she was consuming.  Dates provide a small amount of sweetness and coconut milk makes it creamy and provides some healthy fats.  The other wonderful thing about this recipe is that it is simple enough for C to make by herself whenever she needs to….

Paleo Coffee Creamer

C's third cup of the day....  coffee with paleo coffee creamer C’s third cup of the day…. coffee with…

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