A few updates…

We finally took A for scratch testing for food allergies last Wednesday. Her results came back negative. She was checked for several fish varieties, peanut, tree nuts, egg, and dairy (21 in total). To be honest the test results shocked me. I was certain that egg and dairy would be huge! Our next step is really the only viable test. Eating.

I ate a hen egg the day after the test. She had no rash. I ate 2 hen eggs the day after that. She had no rash. (I however don’t tolerate eggs well and had a terrible tummy issue both days)

Today I mixed organic cow milk in her mashed potatoes for dinner. Two hours later and no rash. Normally her rashes come on quickly after eating the offending food. I didn’t eat any of the cow milk potatoes just so I didn’t taint my milk for her.

So, food wise, things are looking up!

Poop wise, not terrible but not great. She is going every few days but it at least is not hard for her to pass.

She still has her face rash which I do believe may be as the allergist suggests: perioral and peridermal dermatitis. Not food related from the research I have done.



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