Today’s question: Can 1 round of antibiotics taken by mother damage a breastfed infants gut so severely to cause multiple food allergies and intolerances?

Fact: When A was 12-14 days young I took an antibiotic for mastitis, Dicloxacillin. On day 14, A began her rashes (you can see in a previous post).

New Doctors response to giving our background : The antibiotic is what did ‘this’ to A. (allergies/intolerances/weak immune system)

Findings: Yes, 1 round CAN greatly increase the risk of the infant developing food allergies and intolerances. The gut can be helped when repopulated with good bacteria but never fully healed.

Next Step: I’ll get back to you on that. I’m leaning towards GAPS again.



How Nuts!

I am feeling very hopeful that A does not have a peanut allergy!

The last few days she has had about a tsp of peanut butter per day with no reactions! This morning she had a little over a tsp and still nothing. (I also enjoyed about a Tablespoon each time as well)

This is very exciting for our family and cuts out one of our major worries!

Hoping peanut butter cookies are in our future!


I feel guilty.

I was out of creamer when returning back home after vacation so I treated myself to a Starbucks soy latte. I opened it to stir it and confirm it was soy (as I always do) and it just didn’t seem right. The employee at the window confirmed with me it was soy and DH said it was probably soy. Even after that I didn’t feel comfortable but drank it.

This morning A has an angry red rash on her chest, arm, underarm, and back. 😦  It was dairy.

How frustrated, guilty, and sad I feel today.

I wrote to Starbucks the importance of getting orders right 😦 I know it won’t help because mistakes happen but it made me feel a little better. We should be soy free anyways so bye bye Starbucks again! (I only gave in for vacation…:/ )

Rash pictures never really show up but here they are anyways..

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Happy and Healthier!

What an awesome week!

This week A had her first slumber party with her best friend! Watched the sunset and went for a moon light night walk on the beach. She went day camping and enjoyed Mountain Pies and Banana Boats! The most awesome of all is that she pooped on every one of those days!!!


(I love this app!)

I can’t really pinpoint what is going right but something is! I have cut out a lot of my gluten intake so I’m sure that is helping. We are still soy free except for the small amounts that sneak in…like in the new olive oil spray we got 😦 dumb!

A has started eating a lot more than she has in the past. Trying new things and just eating more in quantity than before. It’s nice to see her enjoy foods instead of turning them away because her tummy hurts.

We do still have the face rash and there are some days that are worse than others and I just can’t put my finger on a starting point to figure out what that is.  She also has been having excess ear wax and cradle cap but I am sure that is from the gluten. Once that is out of her system I know that will clear up because it has happened in the past.

Good things are happening! We are happy and proud of her accomplishments! We love her so much and only want her to be happy and healthy ❤

We’ve been GLUTENED!


A was doing so well at going every other day then I started eating gluten again…a lot. (a baguette…that much! ok, 2 of them!  “sigh”) Here is where I feel like a bad mom for indulging 😦 and A has the tummy pains for my indulgence.

I will be committing to going gluten free again! After I have one more Octoberfest!




I just whizzed through a book in 2 days that I NEED to share with all of you! It was so fascinating to me!

What’s eating your child? The hidden connections between Food and Childhood Ailments: Anxiety, Recurrent Ear Infections, Stomachaches, Picky Eating, Rashes, ADHD, and more. And what every Parent Can do about it. By Kelly Dorfman

For those that don’t know A is 2 and has several food intolerance’s and allergies, had chronic constipation since December, Face and Body Rashes that seem to come and go out of no where, Sensory Issues, and can be emotional. Our family is big advocates of diet and nutrition and how it helps the body function. (just look at our blog of food/diet experiments!) Last week I was randomly picking books to my hold list at the library and this one was added since we recently started adding in more nutrient supplements to her diet. This book is a must read for anyone dealing with any of those issues! It talks about how elimination of particular foods then adding in necessary nutrients can help these types of ‘cases’. Some of the chapters that helps our ‘case’ in particular are:
Becoming a Nutrition Detective
The Conundrum of Picky Eating
A Girl Whose Tummy Always Hurt
The Little Colon That Couldn’t
The Overly Sensitive Child

It seriously spoke to me! I haven’t been this excited about a book since reading GAPS. Now I want to add licensed nutrition dietitian to my goals. Someday my title will read Cynthia Butler, CLC, Doula, L.N.D, P.S. (aka : Poop Specialist)

Duck Duck Duck….

Great news! We are on day 3 of introducing duck eggs to A and she is eating them like a champ with no skin reactions! Yay!!! Today I am baking a pumpkin pie with them to test the baked version as well. This makes me so happy! It opens up so many more menu items!

Few other updates: A is getting over a mild bout of the Chicken Pox. She had about 15 spots with spurts of fevers but overall it went by quickly and without much sickness.

A is pooping! I downloaded a poop app on my phone and according to it she has went 6/7 days in a row! One day she even went twice!

Face rash is come and go this week. She is taking her supplements but we just can’t tell if it’s just coincidence or if it’s helping… Going to keep it up though!

Still moving along on the right track!